10 Things I Think About Banna

1. Banna

I didn't think I'd like Banna as much as I did, I had images of a combination of Youghal and Trabolgan. It's nothing like that. I wish could do 5 miles on that beach every morning. Stunning. Even the weather co-operated.

2. Houses

I think the holiday homes were a pleasant surprise. They don't look the best on the outside but inside they are really well kitted out with good beds. The lack of mobile coverage meant we had to actually talk to each other rather than just stare at our phones. Who'd have thought you could pass an evening talking about the price of a Skoda Octavia.

3. Session

I think I'm not designed for running on sand dunes. The Saturday session was 4x10 minutes around the dunes. I'm not blessed with twinkle toes so a rabbit hole riddled trail was never going to suit. Great fun all the same, very different to running around the farm. Good for the ankles.

4. Food

I think Kate Browne's bar is a great little restaurant. As we had the misfortune of not being assigned a house with the masterchef Terry, we had dinner in Ardfert. French Onion Soup, Sea Bass and Pear and Almond Tart were all really good. It's a great spot. I still don't know what was on the menu Chez Terry.

5. The Pub

I think it's a good idea to wear sunglasses and a trump hat indoors in a pub in Ardfert.

6. The DJ

I think the DJ in Ardfert needs a new setlist, I haven't heard both versions of Maniac in a long long time, I'd be quite happy to never hear them again, at least he played John O'Connell's new favourite band the Script.

7. Dancing

I think I need to practice my dancing if I'm ever to approach Tim Crowley levels of excellence, that man can dance. My dancing technique involved jumping with my hands in the air, I'm sure it looked fantastic especially with the trump hat and sunglasses. My arms were very sore in the morning.

8. Marauders

I don't think I've been in a house that has been invaded at 2am by marauders since college. I think they just wanted my sunglasses and trump hat, they seemed to be happy and leave once they had retrieved them. Marauders are quite scary. Thankfully I got my hat and shades back in the morning.

9. The Long Run

I think the 20 miles out around Kerry Head is wonderful, stunning scenery, lots of hills and very few cars. It's a bloody hard route, which was made even harder by John insisting on getting every hill over with quickly.

10. Going Home

I don't think there is a better way to spend a weekend in January. It's pretty perfect.