Galtee Runners 8k 2017

10 Things I Think About the Galtee Runners 8k

1. You Are What You Eat

I think that I may have accidentally discovered the optimal body composition for running. It is that of a croissant, light and puffy. No need for low body fat and lots of muscles. In fact the less muscles the better, croissants don't have muscles.

2. The Body Mechanic

I think it was a good idea to get a massage from David Kenneally three hours before the race. Chris Froome wouldn't get on his bike if the mechanic hadn't looked at it in a few weeks. That massage was badly needed after Font Romeu. I was pretty beat up from all those hills. I was as loose as an IAAF rulebook after it.

3. Transdermal Doping

I think I may have picked up some talent from Mo Farah when I touched him while taking the photo in Font Romeu. Transdermal talent delivery works. I don't know if finishing fourth had anything to do with meeting Team G.B, perhaps I caught that off them too.

4. Home Town Hero

I thought I was going to win my home town race. I was very disappointed to see Eric Curran and David Mansfield at the start. Although with my new tan I don't think anyone in Mitchelstown would have recognised me. Johnny O Sullivan said I looked like a foreigner. This pleased me. It's much better than looking like someone from Mitchelstown.

5. The Warm Up

I think I forgot how beautiful Mitchelstown is. I used to run a laps of the town every evening. I forgot how nicely the Galtees frame the town. The Kingstons picked a nice spot. It's like an inverted Font Romeu without the croissants.

6. Ayana Not Quite

I think I may have to reconsider my starting procedure. Yes it feels great to lead every race you run but you do feel like a fool when you get passed after a mile every time. I'll keep plugging away for a few more weeks. Eventually I'll make it stick.

7. Eoin Sugrue Unattached

I think it was a little unusual for the athletes to be talking to the commentator mid race. I had to tell the commentator in the back of the lead car that the "guy in the blue singlet" was Eoin Sugrue. He said "Thanks Donal". I was sorry I told him as he proceeded to repeat this fact every 30 seconds until we finally fell out of earshot of the car. I don't think Mo Farah has to put up with this.

8. Alone Together

I think I need to hurt a little more in these races. I had a great race long battle with Eoin Sugrue, we spent the whole race exchanging third and fourth. I really should have beaten him. I let him get a small gap on me on the climb up to the final roundabout. This was just laziness. I'll hurt more the next time. It hurt more not getting that prize.

9. Peasant Wagon

I think being run over by a peasant wagon at the end of a road race would have been a terrible way to die. I emptied myself trying to pass Eoin on the line like I passed John O'Connell in Chipiona. Unfortunately this resulted in me collapsing onto the ground right in front of an oncoming peasant wagon. Thankfully it stopped before rolling over my large head. I'm very lucky. I think I banged my head but I can't remember so I probably didn't. I don't think they do HIAs for runners.

10. Altitude

I think altitude is fantastic. I don't think that the altitude in Font Romeu made any difference. The only real difference I noted was that my heart rate was higher than normal, perhaps I had more oxygen. I think the best form of performance enhancement is a downhill course. It really helps make you look fast.

Mitchelstown 8k.jpg