Reykjavik Half Marathon 2018

10 Things I Think About The Reykjavik Half Marathon 2018

1. Babies with Sunglasses

I think my favorite thing about Iceland is that all of the babies get to wear sunglasses. I wish that my mother had made me wear sunglasses when I was a large baby in my pram. It looks so cool.

2. Braud

I think that Iceland has better patisseries than Font Romeu. I didn’t think that that I would find something nicer than those raspberry custard tarts in Font Romeu but a hot rhubarb chocolate thing from Braud is better. I’ve no idea what it’s called, I just pointed.

3. City Walk

I think the city walk in Reykjavik was the best ever. I learned that Leif Ericsson was the first Icelander to explore North America and that his brother Sony Ericsson discovered Asia and Japan.

4. Dønal Timothyson

I really think that I should have entered the race using my Icelandic name. The race was their national championships. There are only 350,000 people in Iceland and most of them are American tourists so it wouldn’t have been hard to win. I even researched the name I would have had to use. It’s your fathers first name plus son. I prefer my Icelandic name.

5. Beer

I think that Iceland is very expensive. The cheapest beer that I found was 800 which is about €7. It was very nice cold beer called Gull so I had two. Icelandic beer is my new favorite beer, definitely the best beer ever.

6. Cold but I like It

I think I prefer cold sunny dry weather for running. It’s much nicer than hot. It was six degrees and crispy dry for the race like a nice February morning in Cork except in August and in Iceland.

7. No Trees

I think they should have planted more trees in Reykjavik, I like trees, I missed the trees when I was running, they protect you from the vicious wind that blows in off the sea. Trees are important.

8. Perhaps the Internet is wrong

I think that I got a benefit from my six days in Font Romeu. It can’t have been the altitude because Michael Herlihy says that it takes at least three weeks. The only thing that it can have been was the pastries and pizzas. I didn’t change anything else, I just ate pastries and pizzas for six days, lots of carbs, the internet said I should have gotten fat but I didn’t, perhaps the internet is wrong.

9. First they Giveth then they Taketh Away

I think fourth place is a terrible place to finish. It’s an even more terrible place to finish when they tell you that you’ve finished third and then tell you that it was a mistake. I was so excited. The prize for third was literally thousands of money but more importantly an excellent podium on a truck.

10. Blankie

I think that it was nice of them to give me a soft furry blanket in compensation for telling me I had finished on the podium and then deciding that I hadn’t. I like my blankie. Blankies would be a much better prize at races than a medal. Every race should give them. You can tie them around your neck like a cape and run back to your apartment like a superhero.


 “Can we start on both sides?”


Medal and Blankie


Rrhona and Dønal



Jump if you want to go faster

Jump if you want to go faster


Not the Hallgrimskirkja


Happy Face


Excellently Fitted Singlet 


Nice View but windy


The Start


Nearly There


The Finish