Dungarvan 10K

10 Things I Think About the Dungarvan 10k

1. Choice is Not Good

I think that there are too many races on. I think there were five on today. Five is too many. Even though there were five choices were limited. I didn't want to pseudorace Viv again over 10 miles in Duhallow, Crosshaven had already found 800 people willing to hand over money and Killeagh was too short so it was a choice between a 10k in Dungarvan or Killarney. I picked Dungarvan because there are no cattle grids in Dungarvan.


I think that trying to run 100 mile weeks is anti social. It's a ridiculous amount of running, it's even more ridiculous when you've to try and fit a race in at the weekend which means missing a long run. I did four days of 16 miles which made me very sleepy and tired by Friday and I still had lots to do. I don't even know why I do it, It's not like I'm any good at running. I think I just like the number 100. Perhaps if I keep hitting my head off the wall it will break eventually.

3. Chiropodist 

I think that I'll go to the chiropodist more often, it's a very pleasant experience. I'd been meaning to go since my toenail exploded in Berlin as it's constantly on the brink or erupting again. I'm definitely lighter after it, I almost have pretty feet. I’ll go again possibly. 

4. Burnt

I think that I have found the perfect place for pre-race pizza. It's called Burnt pizza. It's not some peak hipster place where they actually burn your pizza, they actually have nice pizza. Novocento has been relegated. 

5. Long Singlet

I think that my new long Leevale singlet is my favourite item of clothing. I had to get one as there were too many falling down shorts incidents. I asked Ronhill for a really long one as I think I'm an unusual shape for an Irish person. It's long like a dress but it covers my falling down shorts really well and won't bounce up to reveal my belly. I'm very happy.

6. Initial Nervy Giveyway Knee Pain

I think that I have developed a new niggle. I'm always worried by new niggles as I don't know how they will evolve. I developed this one on Friday morning, it's hard to describe as it's only there for three footsteps at the start of a run and then it goes away until the next day. It's like a stiff nervy outside knee pain, my knee feels like it's going to collapse for three steps then it's fine and perfectly strong. It's not pinchy knee so I'm not too worried. It wasn't really there this morning for the first few steps of the warm up but I was consciously looking for it so I'm not sure if I imagined it better. I could be going mad or just getting old.

7. Windy 

I think that my new favourite app is Windy. It's brilliant for running, you can check it before your run after you’ve checked Twitter, the arrows on the map tell you which direction to run around Blackrock. It doesn't really work for a race because you have to go the direction of the race but you can know when it's going to be most horrible. Today's route was 3 miles into the wind, then 3 miles with the wind. Very nice, ideal almost.

8. Tipperary People

I think that those Thurles guys were very crafty, they sat in behind my huge frame for the first two miles of the race until I tired myself out then motored on by once the wind was nearly gone. I didn't really mind as I got to lead the race again in my orange sunglasses and nice singlet. I like leading. It suits me.

9. Ravis

I think that Raivis Zakis might have been worried about me at the start, either that or very tired after finishing work at 4am. "You never run this race". He need not have worried. I tried to beat him but he seemed to wake up once we got to 5 miles. Then he got very fast. I'll beat him some day, he can be my Waterford John Meade.

10. Fake Distances

I think that it's a disgrace that today's course was 0.03 miles too long. This is entirely unacceptable. My Garmin cost at least €250 and I stopped it precisely at the finish line. I'm taking that 0.03 miles off my time, Strava had me 14 seconds faster for 10k like. I'm getting very tired of these well organised races charging massive €8 entry fees and then laying out inaccurate flat excellent courses. It's not on. I think I'll just take my Strava time from now on, it's far more accurate and faster.