Night Before The Lanzarote Half Marathon

10 Things I Think About The Night Before The Lanzarote Half Marathon

1. The Duel in the Sun

I’m very scared of racing Donal Coffey at the moment, he told me he has been doing 5:13 mile repeats on the track, I couldn’t do that.

2. Frozen

I’m so happy not to be frozen at the moment. It’s really nice in Lanzarote, the sun removes all miserable thoughts from your head, everything becomes happy and there’s no frost on your car in the morning. It’s excellent.

3. The Volcanoes

I love running around the volcanoes, they’re fantastic, it’s like running on the moon. They’re so fantastic that I haven’t been able to bring myself to taper. When will I get to run around volcanoes again.

4. The DRN

I have a dancing related niggle, it came on after the Christmas party on Saturday night, my knee is swollen like John O'Connell’s knee. It doesn’t hurt at all running but it looks awful and feels full. I got some free ultrasound from a nice lady at the expo so I should be perfect tomorrow.

5. Radiator

I’m a bit worried about the heat, it would be easier if it was cold like my house at home. I don’t operate well over twenty, my surface area is too small because I’m too big.

6. Teachers

I don’t understand why more people don’t go on holidays in December, it’s fantastic. Everyone on the flight out from Cork was really retired. It must be because everyone else is either a teacher, married to a teacher, going out with a teacher or is looking for a teacher.

7. Moon

I think Lanzarote is like the moon, it’s a good backup plan if the place you’re living in becomes ridiculously cold and inhospitable.

8. Not Belgian Because it’s Cold

It’s very hard to take these races seriously on holidays, when it’s sunny it’s so tempting to have a cerveza or three especially when it’s served in an ice covered glass. I think they serve it that cold to hide the taste. It tastes terrible when warm.

9. Prohibido

I couldn’t believe it today when they wouldn’t let me run in the Parque Timanfaya, it’s prohibido, you can only see it by going on a peasant wagon with a load of old people, like a trip to Knock. What’s the point of a National Park if you can’t run in it. That’s like having a running track and not allowing people to run on it in case they might damage it.

10. The Fight is Off

It probably would have been a good idea to register for the half marathon before getting on the flight to Lanzarote. I kind of forgot, when I went to register over here they said it was full and that only the 10k was left. Not even Nollaigh could fix it. The duel in the sun with Donal Coffey is off, instead I’ve to take on Chema Martinez over 10k.