Berlin Marathon 2016

Ten things I think about the Berlin Marathon.

1. Long

26.2 miles is a long way, 42km almost seems less, the km markers break it up nicely.

2. More Mileage

I think I'm going to need more mileage at goal marathon pace to run much faster. The legs give up, not the breathing.

3. Japanese

Japanese runners are the most environmentally friendly runners in the world, one of the guys I was running with kept veering off course to put his water cups in the bin. Ridiculous when the course was covered in them. Probably thought the Germans would fine him for littering.

4. Water

The mouth rinsing trick works, I didn't drink a drop of water all race just rinsed with water. It tricks the brain into thinking you've drank. Works with Red Bull too.

5. Breakfast

Breakfast was 8 rice cakes with peanut butter and bananas. Perfect no stomach trouble, light and easy to digest. Much better than stodgy porridge. 3 coffees.

6. Looking Good

I caught up to a an old guy around halfway and ran alongside for a while, he said to me "you're looking good". Yeah I said, I got my haircut in Berlin yesterday.

7. Alcoholfrei

That alcohol free Erdinger at the finish is very nice. Good for rehydration. Not so good for the stomach.

8. Conor and John

Conor McCauley is a serious athlete. Getting the scalp of John O'Connell is a big achievement, John is as gritty as they come. It shows training pays off. Both of them ran 4-5 minute PBs, that's some improvement in one year. Mileage works.

9. On Empty

Doing long runs on empty the day after a Saturday workout definitely does prepare you for the last 6 miles of the marathon. It feels the exact same as the last 5 miles of a Sunday run.

10. Another One

I might just might do another marathon, perhaps...probably Berlin. It's very, very good.