Cork County Senior XC

10 Things I Think about the Cork County Senior XC

1. I love cross country.

It's pure athletics, no looking at splits or times, just hard running. Totally out of breath from the start, heart rate through the roof.

2. First Mile

I think I ran the first mile a little bit too fast. 5:03 minute mile according to Strava. Considering I can barely do 5:30s on the track, 5:00 minute miles in a farmers field was probably ambitious. I felt (and looked) like one of those GAA players at the start of every road race, only difference being I finished the race.

3. Giggling

Elite runners can giggle when running 5:00 minutes miles. As I passed the front bunch on the first lap all I heard was giggling. Sean McGrath came after me, the rest correctly assumed that I was a lunatic.

4. Blisters

Blisters can be fixed using Compeed and Leukoplast. I've a huge blister on my foot due to a new shoe but a Compeed blister plaster and a layer of Leukoplast makes any blister pain free. (Must be pink woven leukoplast).

5. The Guy With The Mic

The guy with the mic is a legend but very annoying. The last thing you want to hear in the middle of a 10k race is: "the runners should remember how many laps they've run because there's no one counting".

6. Goody Bag

I was worried about what was in the post race goody bag as the guy with the mic kept warning the juvenile parents that the bag was unsuitable for children. Turns out it was nothing more offensive than a packet of Seven Seas Active 55.

7. Job

I've never seen anyone get a job in the finishing pen of a cross country race. Michael Harrington finished just ahead of me, the guy with the mic was standing there on the mic saying "Michael Harrington coming through to finish" he then turned off the mic turns to Michael and says "Michael I hear you do a bit of glazing, I've a house down in Bantry, could you have a look at it next week?"

8. Leevale

The Leevale team is incredibly strong. I haven't a hope of being a scorer on the team. Total dominance. Junior men's race was ridiculous.

9. Marathon Recovery

I know I'm not supposed to be racing two weeks after a marathon but I feel fine. I probably should have taken three years off or whatever sports science says you should do but I like running too much.

10. 13 Races

I'm not running 13 cross country races this season. One every week is way too much. Four or five will be plenty. An rud is annamh is iontach. John Meade can translate/correct.