Post Boston Bloods

This blood was taken at the end of April. I wanted to see what Boston did to me. It seemed to do little apart from reduce my ferritin a little.


Haematocrit May 2019.jpeg

My haematocrit went up slightly, it’s still nice and high. I changed nothing with my diet, drugs or supplements over the last 6 months so it’s not surprising that it’s the same. I thought it would be down a little after Boston but it seems to have done nothing.


Ferritin May 2019.jpeg

My Ferritin has gone down a good bit since Boston, not surprising really. I’m still taking an active iron and a galfer every day. I suppose it’s not unexpected when you run a marathon. I’d prefer if it was back up towards 60 but it’s still not too bad.


TSH May 2019.jpeg
T4 May 2019.jpeg

My TSH levels are now above one, I’m still taking 150mcg of Thyroxine per day. It’s probably just the effect of the marathon. I think it’s still the right dose as my T4 levels are still ok and I feel perfect.


Total Cholesterol May 2019.jpeg
HDL Cholesterol May 2019.jpeg

My total cholesterol is now borderline high. My diet is pretty decent and I run 80 to 100 miles a week. Bad genes. On the plus side Cholesterol is the backbone of all steroids so it probably means I have plenty of fuel for making testosterone etc. My HDL is high so the exercise is working.

I don’t think I’ll change anything after these results. I seem to be fine.